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Frama has been proposing organization and rationalization solutions for more than 30 years, for professional, personal and school environments. It was born on December 10, 1990, called Shine Cartonagem Ltda and always carried with it the idea of overcoming limits. In the year 2001, it was renamed to Frama Indústria Gráfica Ltda. The head office of the company is in Caxias do Sul, in the southeastern state in Brazil, called Rio Grande do Sul. This region of Brazil is characterized by entrepreneurship and the constant search for improvement and better quality of life for people.

The company has been gaining an important place in the national and international market of the office and school material industries, being constantly recognized through national awards of Best Brands. In much of its product line has a very expressive participation in Brazilian market. In the main lines, Frama reaches a 30% of participation.

From the beginning, the company uses the most updates management practices, seeking a clear vision when it comes to its strategic positioning. Currently, it makes annual revisions of Strategic Planning, seeking to correct routes through deep analyzes of the macro economy and the environment where it is inserted.

Frama's DNA has as its main characteristic the conscious evolution. By treating the renewal of concepts, the total legality in all its activities and the improvement of its perception on the opportunities, as essential fundamentals.

In 2016, the company again changed its name to Frama Produtos de Papelaria Ltda. The goal is to make the branch of activity clearer to the market.


Provide solutions for education and organization through a rational product line, ally with an adequate service delivery to keep customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers happy, based on a philosophy aligned with sustainability.


Education and Organization.


  • Keep the discipline, respect, transparency, common sense and simplicity - do not condone with any kind of cleverness or trickery in any relationship involving the company and - fully comply with the legislation in force;;
  • Clients are the reason for the existence of the organization. All team members must be attentive sellers to market signals;
  • Select people committed to our dream with the potential to live challenging experiences and willing to always give positive examples to their leaders and/or colleagues, wishing to be where things happen;
  • To value individuals who are willing to take on new responsibilities and constant challenges because we are never fully satisfied with our results;
  • Seeking continuous improvement of results is a condition that must be followed by all, discarding actions that do not have this end;
  • Maintaining rigor in the management and control of our expenses will allow us to invest in the company and in the people every penny saved;
  • Enable to team members personal financial gains, linked to the result generated by the operation, as well as individual personal effort.
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