Maxi Styrofoam Glue

Non-toxic / Non flammable

Made with vinyl polymer and special additives;
Lavable, non-toxic and non flammable;
Made for paste paper, cardboard unvarnished, styroforam, rubbery and porous materials;

Available in sizes:

40g e 90g.

Answered common questions about our Maxi Cola Styrofoam:

1) Is MAXI COLA STYROFOAM transparent like the other styrofoam glues on the market?

R) No, MAXI COLA STYROFOAM is a white polyvinyl acetate based glue, but after drying, it is

transparent with opacity to light.


A) Yes.

3) Is the performance of MAXI COLA STYROFOAM and other queues similar?

R) Regarding the final result the performances are identical. The two types of glues fulfill their

role of gluing with Styrofoam, EVA foam with EVA foam or Styrofoam with EVA foam. In the

case of EVA foam with EVA foam, our adhesive was even more efficient.

4) Is the drying time of MAXI COLA STYROFOAM similar to that of the alcohol-based

adhesives on the market?

R) In the tests we did, both glues presented similar drying time (close to eight hours), however

this time may vary according to external factors such as temperature and humidity.

5) What are the advantages of MAXI COLA STYROFOAM comparing to other Styrofoam

glues on the market, especially those based on alcohol?

R) The advanmain tages are that MAXI COLA STYROFOAM is neither TOXIC nor


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